Textiles for pneumatic transport

We provide unique pneutex® textile materials for pneumatic conveying.

Certifikát kvality
Quality certificate

All products are ISO9001 certified. You can rely on their quality. 


Our filters are proven to reduce environmental impact. We hold ISO14001 environmental certification. 


We have been on the market since 1968. We use proven processes together with the latest technology in our production. 

Use of pneutex fabric

  • pneumatic transport of loose materials
  • pneumatic chutes
  • pneumatic transport of loose materials in tankers

Choose from four materials  

  • nomex (high temperature resistant meta-aramid fibre) 
  • Kevlar (strong para-amide fibre) 
  • cotton 
  • polyester 

Material thickness according to your requirements  

  • 4,0 mm 
  • 4,5 mm 
  • 5,0 mm 
  • 5,5 mm 

170 satisfied clients rely on us every year

Every year we complete more than 1,000 orders for clients in various industries, from designing suitable solutions to installation and service. Read how the projects work and what our clients have gained thanks to us.

We replaced the filter bags and supporting cages in the air handling system of the Radotín cement plant, thanks to which the cement plant met the legislative requirements.

In Třinec Ironworks, we have modified the fixing of the filter bags, thus eliminating the possibility of ejection and falling from the hanger.

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