Filtration equipment installation and service

Thanks to our service team and stocked spare parts, we respond to requests with maximum speed. 

Laboratory service of filtration equipment

Laboratory service for the analysis of filter elements and media
in our laboratories equipped with the latest technology.

Laboratory service includes:

  • chemical and physical tests 
  • mechanical-technological tests 
  • initial quality inspection of new material 
  • monitoring the current condition of the filter elements used 
  • analysing the causes of damages to the filter elements 

Application service of filtration equipment

The aim of the application service is to select the most technically and operationally suitable filter media. Our application engineers evaluate all available information from the client as well as from the laboratory and technical service. They then recommend the most appropriate solution using special databases and information systems.

  • We put emphasis on the long-term durability of the filter element. 
  • What is essential for us is the economic advantage for the client. The application service must be worth it for you. 

Technical service of filtration equipment

Technical service provides on-site technical assistance. In case of problems with the filtration equipment, our technicians will come to you with a service vehicle equipped with measuring devices that quickly check the status of the air conditioning parameters.

As part of the technical service on filtration equipment, we perform: 

  • planned inspections of the current condition of the filter elements 
  • emergency check-ups for problems during operation 
  • LEAK DUST® leak checks of filtration equipment 
  • individual regeneration of filter bags using the REC system 

Implementation service of filtration equipment

The implementation service includes the replacement and repair of filter elements. Experienced technicians perform the service under the guidance of a project manager.

The complete implementation service includes:

  • dismantling and ecological disposal of old filter elements 
  • cleaning of filters and installation of new filter elements 
  • leak checking with LEAK DUST® method and precoating of filter elements 
  • cooperation in the commissioning of the filters and the optimum setting of the regeneration system


We supply LEAK DUST® fluorescent coloured powder, making it possible to quickly find cracks, holes, and leaks in filtration equipment. The inspection is carried out together with an ultraviolet lamp. The powder can be ordered in two colours: yellow and red.