Laboratory service

The aim of laboratory service is a realization of laboratory analysis of filter media and used filter elements. We have at our disposal highly modern equipped laboratories.

Laboratory service includes:

  • chemical – physical tests 
  • mechanical – technological tests
  • monitoring of quality of new material before its input into production process (input laboratory control)
  • monitoring of current condition of used filter elements
  • analyses of damage causes of filter elements

We send our customers laboratory reports with results of made tests.

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Demand for laboratory analyse of filter bags

Application service

The aim of application service is a complex processing of all available information from the customer, from laboratory and technical service in order to choose optimal filter medium for a given dedusting process. We recommend to our customers the best filter-medium option from the technical and operation prospective.

We insist on a long-term lifetime of filter element and economic profitability of proposed solution during application of filter medium. Application working is backed up long-term experiences and knowledge of our application technicians, which use special information systems.

Technical service

The aim of technical service is a support during solving problems on filter equipment directly at the customer. Our technical team is equipped with a service car with measurement instruments to measure necessary parameters.  

We offer within our technical service:

  • scheduled controls of filter equipments with a view to condition of filter elements including their removal
  • operative and extra controls of filter equipments with a view to identify non-standard and problematic operation conditions
  • controls of filter equipment tightness by „LEAK DUST“
  • individual regeneration of filter bags by system „REC“ 

Realization service

The aim of realization service is a service activity within the projects including complete changeovers of filter elements including related repairs of filter equipment. Our experienced technicians realize this led by a project manager.

Realization service „made on order“ includes:

  • takeover and site safeguarding – filter space
  • removal and ecological liquidation of old filter elements
  • cleanup of clean and dirty side of filter and follow-up installation of new filter elements
  • control of tightness by „LEAK DUST“ and pre-coating of filter elements
  • cooperation during putting filter into operation, including optimalization of set-up of regeneration system
  • handover of work to a customer


We supply a special contrast powder LEAK DUST® for a control of tightness of filter elements and filter equipment.

Special contrast powder LEAK DUST® finds a use in all sorts of industrial processes during gas filtration.

  • power industry (energy) – coal combustion • incineration plants • cement and lime plants • production of building materials • chemical industry • glass and ceramic production • engineering • asphalt plants • steel and foundry industry • production of aluminium and non-ferrous metals • production of coke • production of paints and pigments • wood industry etc.


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