Better fixing of filter bags in Třinec Ironworks

We have modified the filter bag attachment. This has eliminated the risk of them falling out of the hanger.

Třinec Ironworks

  • They are forming the Třinecké železárny - Moravia Steel group and rank among the most important industrial enterprises. 
  • The group includes several other companies with almost 
    6,000 employees. 

What did the client ask for?

The aim was to ensure that the filter bags would not fall out of the hanger during regeneration shocks. In the original design, the filter bag was housed in a steel lid and tightened with a steel clamp. It was then hung from the filter frame by a chain and hook.

How did we proceed?

During regular inspections, we discovered that the filter bags were falling off the suspension and rubbing against each other. As well as falling, the friction could cause further damage to the filter bags, so we designed a new fixing method. To modify the suspension, we needed: 

  • lid with conical rim and steel loop 
  • spring hanger made of chain, hooks and spring 


The filter bag was fixed to the new lid with a tab with a flexible ring. We placed a spring hanger on the steel loop and attached the bag with a clamp to the filter frame.

What results did our solution bring?

The filter bags have been better secured, thus reducing the risk of the bags bursting out and falling off the hinge to zero. By using a tab with a flexible ring, we also ensured a stable seal. Regular checks confirmed that our solution was correct - after six months of operation, all the filter bags were hanging and in excellent condition.

What does the client say about the collaboration?

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