Supporting cages
for filtration equipment

We use modern CNC machines to produce supporting cages that meet even the most demanding quality requirements.

Servis a údržba

We will adapt the cages to the specific operating conditions of your facility. 

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We respond quickly to your requests with our own service team, spare parts and technical support. 


We can make both supporting cages and filter bags for you. So you can handle the whole job at once, with just one contact person. Everything will be 100% compatible.

Custom-made supporting cages according to customer requirements

We always manufacture the supporting cages according to individual customer requirements. It is possible to produce both divided and undivided cages with different numbers of wires. The head of the cages can be manufactured with or without a Venturi tube.

Materials to choose from 

We manufacture supporting cages from high-quality European materials. You can choose from different types of stainless steel (1.4307 - AISI 340L, 1.4404 - AISI 
316L, 1.4571 - AISI 316 Ti and others), carbon steel (St 37.2), galvanised and welded wire. 

Shapes of supporting cages 

  Depending on the filter bag the cage is designed for, it can be circular, oval or star-shaped. In case of special requirements, other shapes can be designed. 

Surface treatment for different operating conditions 

The supporting cages can be equipped with zinc plating, electrostatic powder coating or pickling and passivation for stainless steel cages. 

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Each year, we ship orders for more than 170 clients in various industries, from the design of suitable solutions to installation and service. Read on to find out how the projects are progressing and what our clients have gained as a result.

We replaced the filter bags and supporting cages in the air handling system of the Radotín cement plant, thanks to which the cement plant met the legislative requirements.

In Třinec Ironworks, we have modified the fixing of the filter bags, thus eliminating the possibility of ejection and falling from the hanger.

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