Elements for filtration of water and other liquids

We provide certified filter elements for various technological processes and industrial purification of water and other liquids. Filter cloths for chamber and membrane filter presses, disc filters, filter bags, frame filters and belt filters.

Certifikát kvality
Quality certificate

All products are ISO9001 certified. You can rely on their quality. 


Our filters are proven to reduce environmental impact. We hold ISO14001 environmental certification. 


We have been on the market since 1968. We use proven processes together with the latest technology in our production. 

Filter elements

We provide elements for various types of filtration equipment. We can guarantee maximum quality thanks to proven processes and the latest technologies.

Filter elements: 

  • cloths for chamber filter presses 
  • cloths for membrane filter presses 
  • cloths for disc filters 
  • cloths and filter bags for bag filters 
  • cloths for frame filters 
  • filter belts for belt filters 
  • filter belts for drum filters 

Filter media

We offer only the highest quality filter media made in Europe with certification. You can choose from four types of filter media based on woven and non-woven fabrics. Each is suitable for different operating conditions.

Who are water filters for?

Every year we realise more
than 1 000 projects

Each year, we ship orders for more than 170 clients in various industries, from the design of suitable solutions to installation and service. Read on to find out how the projects are progressing and what our clients have gained as a result.

We replaced the filter bags and supporting cages in the air handling system of the Radotín cement plant, thanks to which the cement plant met the legislative requirements.

In Třinec Ironworks, we have modified the fixing of the filter bags, thus eliminating the possibility of ejection and falling from the hanger.

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